Dr. Caleb Cooper is married to his lovely wife Erica and has two wonderful children Izabella and Caleb Titus Cooper. Caleb is a passionate firebrand that answered the call of God in 2003, when he heard the voice of the Lord say, “Son, I have called you to preach the Gospel with accompanied signs, wonders, and miracles and prepare a generation for the return of Jesus Christ!" Dr. Caleb Cooper earned his Doctorate Degree in Biblical Studies from FountainGate School of Revival in Mesa, Arizona. He currently serves as the Director of Affiliate Schools for FountainGate School of Revival. He is the author of Pioneering Prophetic Patterns of Purpose, Jesus Focused: Awakening Endtime Prophetic Strategy, The Convergence of Revival and the King's Arrival as well as a contributing author in Igniting Revival Fire Every Day. His latest book is The Call For Strong Godly Leadership.













When I first met Pastor Caleb and Erica Cooper, I immediately felt a kindred burning heart for the lost to know Jesus and for believers to be set ablaze for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Their passion for unifying leaders and equipping the Church is evident not only in these pages, but in their personal lives. Pastor Caleb pens each word out of a deep love and longing for the name of Jesus to be known. From beginning to end, Pioneering Prophetic Patterns of Purpose is parallel to Caleb’s devotion to following the leading of Holy Spirit in everything that he sets out to do, and I believe his words will engrave an intense desire in your heart to do the same. May every page be an example for you to follow Christ with an unwavering devotion as Pastor Caleb and Erica live out so purely.

Jeri Hill (The Wife of the Late Steve Hill of the Brownsville Revival)

Caleb has hit the target! He is a fresh prophetic voice to the nation. God is raising him up to speak to the nation and this book prepares the way! His writing stye is conversational and easy to read yet penetrative and thought provoking. The revelation in this book is real-time applicable, fresh and saturated with God’s anointing. My spirit has been stirred and propelled to action. This is a must read.

Pastor Todd Smith of the North Georgia Revival

Pastor Caleb Cooper takes us on a prophetic journey like a modern day “John the Baptist.”His book carries the prophetic call for the army of the Lord to arise and confront the fear, the doubt and unbelief that has hindered the Body of Christ from crossing over into our destiny! Each chapter holds Truth or Consequences of our actions in this hour. Revival is coming and Prophets like Caleb Cooper are declaring to this generation “prepare the way of the Lord” follow me on the Highway of Holiness!

Fred Berry of 312 Azusa St. (The Cradle of Worldwide Pentecost)

Pastor Caleb Cooper has clearly received a mandate and pattern to help raise up a prophetic people to become an army; who will activate God’s purposes for not only their personal lives and destinies, but to bring forth His prophetic purposes for entire regions in the earth. This book is a must read for every spiritual leader and for any believer who is ready to be part of this prophetic army for the last days harvest! 

LaNora Morin President of FountainGate Ministries International

Caleb Cooper’s experience is telling to those that desire to hear and see more of our Creator God’s workings in these last days. As he writes of his being able to preach on the Navajo Nation I read of some other prophetic happenings I’ve heard before here on the Navajo Nation. The part where he preached on being weaponized by purity and unity. It is the heart of the people of the nation that God wishes to change. It is a pleasure to know Caleb and to know that there is a voice in the land that harkens all that God wants to say to His people.  I appreciate your willingness and boldness in which you say it.

Myron Lizer The Vice President of the Navajo Nation

Pastor Caleb Cooper has remained steadfast in his passion to prepare, mentor and pray for those called by God to serve this nation.  His enthusiasm is contagious and “The Call For Strong Godly Leadership” reflects his personal commitment to stay focused and diligent in preparing those in his sphere of influence.  I am honored to endorse “The Call to Strong Godly Leadership” and applaud Caleb’s convictions to lead this charge with such truth and integrity.

Yvette Herrell Congresswoman, New Mexico

Pastor Caleb Cooper is man who I have come to admire and respect immensely. I was familiar of his ministry because good news travel fast but with me on the East Coast and he out West we yet to cross paths. 

Frank Shelton Jr. Host of “By Faith” Radio and Television Program that Reaches 200 Million Homes on Four Continents

April 2020, the Lord began working again. This time, He put the paths of a rural County Sheriff and Pastor Caleb Cooper on a collision course with a tyrannical governor and her unwavering desire to oppress the Church.

This book is a must read and Pastor Cooper clearly lays out the struggles we will face in this “New Era.” Pay special attention to my favorite part, God Revealed Resources, and hear the story of the Constitutional Sheriff and the Church. This book Jesus Focused: Awakening Endtime Prophetic Strategy is the informational roadmap that will help guide you through these uncertain times. There is no doubt that God dwells in the heart and soul of Pastor Caleb Cooper and the time is now to get “Jesus Focused.”

Sheriff Glenn Hamilton, Sierra County, NM

Not only has he written four books in less than a year, but this message, The Call for Strong Godly Leadership, is a “book after my own heart”. The Call for Strong Godly Leadership is a clarion call to the nations of the world to LEAD BY EXAMPLE in a time where corrupt and perverted leadership is consuming all areas of society from the government, the marketplace, education, arts and entertainment, law enforcement, and yes, even the Church. This is, without a doubt, a panoramic view of the 5-fold Ministry Ascension Gifts operating together, in unison, in The Call for Strong Godly Leadership in the Earth! This is absolutely one of the greatest messages on leadership I’ve ever had the privilege to read! Pastor Caleb, well done brother... WELL DONE!!!

Deborah G. Hunter Hunter Entertainment Network Colorado Springs, Colorado. hunter-ent-net.com

From the great “Sea of Leadership” books, there seems to come a new book with every high tide. I know this because I added a book to the sea. It washed ashore and imprinted the sand. The next wave brought more books filled with leadership experiences and wisdom.

Yet, as Caleb Cooper makes clear in his new book, The Call For Strong Godly Leadership, a great need exists to develop leaders at a time such as this. We need more God-called leaders. I encourage new and experienced leaders to consider reading Caleb’s book. It is a significant contribution to the study of leading well.

Caleb is a world-changer, and his book changes the sea. Catch this wave.

Executive Vice President, Publisher, Charisma Media Group, Executive Producer of the Charisma Podcast Network, Author of Love Leads Loveleadsbook.com




I love seeing precious Izabella Cooper using her voice to worship the Lord—her love for Jesus is authentic and her love for people is evident in her tender yet bold personality. I pray the Lord continues to raise her up for His glory!

Jeri Hill (The Wife of the Late Steve Hill of the Brownsville Revival)

HOW POWERFUL GOD IS By Caleb Titus Cooper



 Caleb Titus Cooper has such an affectionate and obedient heart. When I look at him, I see a young King David—a man after God’s own heart. May the Lord use him mightily in humility and truth to touch this world with the Gospel!

Jeri Hill (The Wife of the Late Steve Hill of the Brownsville Revival)